Glamping in Tennessee

Several months ago, we got the idea to travel to Arizona to hike to Havasu Falls (it’s on our 101 List!). Unfortunately, that hike has limited spots for people, and it fills up fast. So… we missed our shot this year. We had planned to do this with some good friends of ours, so after the window of opportunity closed, we decided to find another destination.

We ended up choosing to visit a state park “resort” in Tennessee. It wasn’t too far, but not too close, and also had lots of hiking trails – some that led to waterfalls. It was a very quick trip, but fun and relaxing nonetheless.

Photo May 29, 7 06 12 PM

We took some of our own food to grill, and the guys had fun throwing lighter fluid on the charcoals while us girls sat away from the fire.

Photo May 29, 8 11 32 PM

Saturday, we hiked to see the main waterfall at the park. It’s a short hike, but it’s steep and slippery. Most of the trail is small/medium rocks. Guess who got klutzy and fell? ME. Luckily it was just a few scrapes and bruises, nothing too bad. Reaching the bottom of the waterfall was worth the short hike! When we got back up to the top, there were grills nearby, so we camped out and made some lunch – silver turtles!

Photo May 30, 10 46 07 AMPhoto May 30, 11 13 03 AM

We were pooped after the hike, so we spent some time by the pool, as well as some napping/TV time (told you this was glamping!). We took another, small hike that evening to another waterfall. Again, totally worth it. No falling this time, either!

Photo May 30, 8 22 27 PM

Grateful for friends who will go on adventures with you for no reason. Life has been kind of crazy for both of us lately, so it was nice to get away… even if just for a short trip!

p.s. – be sure to check out Mandy & Conner’s blog, they blog a lot more interesting stuff than me :)


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