Birthday Fun

I (Jessica) did not actually have much of a 25th birthday this year. Around 2 a.m. on my birthday, I had a severe low blood sugar reaction and Aaron took me to the hospital, where  I was admitted for the weekend. I spent the next three weeks feeling very ill and trying to recover from whatever it was to cause the “sickness” I couldn’t shake. So, I wanted to be sure we celebrated Aaron’s birthday properly!


Aaron and I were both off work for his birthday – which called for a full-day birthday celebration (naturally). We started off with some of Sara’s Donuts – our new favorite donut place. I also made him a cake – blue with sprinkles… his choice!

Photo May 21, 8 51 56 AMHad some partially free lunch at Chick-fil-A, thanks to some coupons we had been saving up for a rainy day (or a birthday), and then headed down to World of Coke! Aaron had never been, and it was on our 101 List to complete, so what better day to go?

After that came the real fun – I bought him (us) a Groupon to visit a local shooting range. Again, on our 101 list! It was a lot of fun for both of us, and we didn’t have too bad of aim for newbies!Photo May 21, 3 24 06 PM

By then, it was dinner time – birthday boy’s choice! He chose Macaroni Grill – which I hadn’t eaten at before. The best part? Our waitress sang Happy Birthday to Aaron in Italian… while he had to wave his napkin above his head. Lucky for him, the restaurant wasn’t toooooooo packed.Photo May 21, 5 27 32 PM

Happy birthday, Aaron! Thanks for being my better half, I loved celebrating you!


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