#53 – Try a new work-out

This wasn’t a mutual new work-out, since only I (Jessica) went… but we’re still going to cross it off the list! Yesterday, my good friend Mandy and I went and took our first Pure Barre class!

I went into the class thinking it was a dance/yoga class, and correlating it with Pilates. When the instructor handed me 2 lb. weights, I almost laughed. I’m used to working out with 10-15, maybe even 20 lb. weights.

I’ve worked out with two different professional trainers over the last year, and this work-out made my muscles burn and sweat drip more than previous work-outs. I can do 50 burpees and be exhausted/tired, but it never burns like Pure Barre did!

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 9.49.01 AM

If the classes weren’t so expensive (and so far away from my house), I would definitely consider going more often! If you haven’t tried it yet, definitely consider it. Your first class is only $15 – and it is definitely worth it!


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