#38 – Get Aaron a bicycle

When I moved to Georgia, I brought my bicycle with me. Growing up, I loved to ride my bike around town – even in college, too! But, those were small towns, that were very flat. Our apartment complex is basically on a hill, and most of the area around us is fairly hilly. That, coupled with the fact that we live next to busy roads and Aaron doesn’t have a bike, kept me from riding my bike for awhile. For the past two years, we have been talking about how much we really need to get Aaron a bike. But, we don’t have a great place to store two bikes, nor do we have a bike rack for our car to go somewhere.

But, now that we are just three weeks away from moving into our first house (YAY!) we started thinking more seriously about getting a bike. This past weekend, we had a small garage sale with one of my co-workers… who just happened to be selling a bike! And the best part, is we just traded a few things. Virtually, a FREE bike for Aaron! We weren’t even planning on getting one until after we moved, but this worked out great! Six hours later and we were going on our first bike ride together.

Photo Jun 21, 8 17 07 PM
You would think for our first bike ride in 2+ years that we would choose an easy stroll somewhere, but no… we decided to just go for it (because that’s the #TeamFreeman way) and headed to Stone Mountain Park! The park has a five-mile loop around the base of the mountain, with LOTS of hills. Luckily, it was a little later in the evening so it was only about 80 degrees.

Photo Jun 22, 2 58 50 PM

This afternoon, we decided to go for another bike ride – but on the Suwanee Greenway! It was flatter, so that was better… but it was a ton hotter! Still fun though. We’re excited for more bike ride adventures!


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