101 in 1001

This is our 101 in 1001 list! June 18, 2014 – March 15, 2017! Most things on the list are mutual, but things in red are for Aaron, things in green are for Jess.

  1. Put $10 in savings for each task completed
  2. Complete the Spartan Race Trifecta
  3. Compete in the Mississippi Spartan Race
  4. Run a half-marathon
  5. Reach our goal weight (175 and 160)
  6. Visit DC  (7/4/2014)
  7. Do a running tour of DC
  8. Travel to Paris
  9. Complete a year of #FranktheChair
  10. Go to Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
  11. Go see the Atlanta Hawks game
  12. Go to a Falcons game
  13. Go to an Atlanta Silverbacks game
  14. Save up 3-6 months of expenses
  15. Pay off Aaron’s car
  16. Buy a new dining room set
  17. Photograph a wedding
  18. Get a glucose sensor
  19. Get a puppy
  20. Take a dancing class
  21. Plant a garden
  22. Install a Nest thermostat
  23. Install and use rain water collection
  24. Make a #FranktheChair book
  25. Try six new restaurants
  26. Go to World of Coke
  27. Walk the Atlanta Beltline
  28. Volunteer at North Gwinnett Co-op
  29. Hike start of AT to Blood Mountain
  30. Drive the entirety of 285 in one drive
  31. Camp in our backyard
  32. Go real camping
  33. Make a piece of furniture
  34. Read 10 books (each)
  35. Take a cooking class
  36. See all the Harry Potter movies
  37. Learn how to smoke a brisket
  38. Get Aaron a bicycle (6/22/14)
  39. Knit a blanket
  40. Visit Asheville, NC
  41. Go see the Georgia Guide Stones
  42. Host a dinner party
  43. Try 10 Pinterest recipes
  44. Compile our love letters from dating into a book
  45. Make a “first year of marriage” scrapbook
  46. Bake bread
  47. Host Thanksgiving or Christmas
  48. No Instagram for one week
  49. No eating out for one month (unless it’s a social)
  50. Shoot the Hooch
  51. Visit Callaway Gardens
  52. Do the Romans Challenge
  53. Try a new work-out that we’ve never done before (7/10/14)
  54. Get an A1C under 7%
  55. Update the landscaping at the front of the house
  56. Go one week without any TV/Movies/Netflix, etc.
  57. Buy a sewing machine
  58. Go apple or strawberry picking
  59. Have professional pictures taken
  60. Attend a midnight premiere of a movie
  61. Pay for the persons food behind us in a drive thru
  62. Leave 5 Love Letters
  63. Visit MODA
  64. Take some kind of art class (pottery, painting, etc.)
  65. Build a firepit and have s’mores in our backyard
  66. Hike Brasstown Bald (highest point in Georgia)
  67. Go to the Atlantic Ocean (lowest point in Georgia)
  68. Try a random Groupon deal
  69. Put together an emergency preparedness kit
  70. Go Yurt Camping
  71. Do a DIY drive-in movie in our backyard
  72. Ride tandem bikes in Piedmont Park
  73. Go white-water rafting
  74. Travel to Arizona and hike Havasu Falls
  75. See the Grand Canyon
  76. Lead our own Community Group
  77. Eat only at the dinner table for one week
  78. Buy Jess a new car
  79. No added sugar for one month
  80. Take a spontaneous weekend trip
  81. Go to a shooting range
  82. Ride go-carts
  83. Visit the MLK Jr. Memorial
  84. Visit the High Museum
  85. Go to a NASCAR Race
  86. Fly kites
  87. Deliver three meals to homeless people on the side of the road
  88. Have three separate couples over for dinner
  89. Throw a themed dinner party
  90. Go to a corn maze
  91. Make homemade ice cream
  92. Eat at a restaurant featured on Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives
  93. Declutter/throw away 100 items
  94. Update the backsplash in the kitchen
  95. Change the lighting in the kitchen
  96. Take the megabus somewhere
  97. Visit Orsmby’s
  98. Surprise visit and/or party someone
  99. Tour the Publix Dairy Plant
  100. Be extras in a movie
  101. Do 10 random acts of kindness in one day

1 thought on “101 in 1001

  1. Kelli

    I looooveee this!!! I see CA isn’t on here, but I will settle for AZ :)

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