April Update

Whoops, been a little while since I last posted. Things have been a little crazy in our world, March seemed to go pretty quickly, but April has flown by, it seeems.

We did a color run at the beginning of April. I have wanted to do one for so long, and now that I live in the city – that goal is a little more doable! Just a heads up, even though they say it’s not so much about the race, but about having fun and whatnot… you should still train (a least a little bit) for the race. Granted, you can walk all of it if you want. But, if you have a husband next to you, you may end up running a little more than expected. I was dead tired after the race, and sore for two days. Doing that race helped kick my butt in gear though. We’ve been working out fairly consistently for several months, but I haven’t been actually running.

In my last post, I said that we were still looking for a new job for Aaron. Well, we found it! He will be joining the Chick-fil-a team at a nearby store. CFA is releasing some new salads and wraps, so he will be the kitchen prep for those items. They wanted him to come on as  a team lead, but Aaron said he would rather come in and learn the ropes, form relationships with the kitchen staff, and then move up. Aaron is a great leader, and loves learning more and more about being a better leader. Publix never really gave him that chance, so we are really excited to see where this job leads!

Aaron and I have been working together on some Jess Creatives things lately. Actually, last night, we sent our book to press! This book is called “Names of God” and is more of an artistic expression than anything else. It is informative, but not something I would use to reference in your seminary papers. We should hopefully get the books back this week, and then we will have them for sale! I am also going to have some of my work hanging in a local coffee shop throughout June. Eeeee! My first show! This time last year, I was upset about not having a senior portfolio show (like almost all do at my alma mater), but here I am a year later, having my OWN show in Atlanta! For more information on either of these things, or to just see what I’ve been up to lately at Jess Creatives, hop on over to jesscreatives.com.

I attended a design conference yesterday in Columbus, GA – very small, very inspiring. So much inspiration, my mind is still reeling from it! One speaker said that some of the greatest opportunities will come at the most unexpected times. That seems to be true in our house lately, and I am so thankful to God for that! I have to remind myself all the time that He IS in control, and He does know what He’s doing!


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