February chaos

February was such a crazy month, so much going on and so many changes.

The highlights:

We joined a new Bible study group! This was actually the very last week of January, but our first meeting was in February. We went to the GroupLink event at church, where couples mingle and form groups based on stage of life and area of town. We left group-less and upset… it seemed there were no “married without kids” groups that weren’t a long drive. I was so upset, because I love and thrive in community groups. Also, I really wanted some more friends. Not just friends that are here, but friends that are going through the same things Aaron and I are going through in this stage of life. We filled out a card to be notified if there were any groups with openings, weary if that would bring any results (or a group we fit into). God could not have put us with a better group as a result of that card! Our group clicks so well, we meet outside of group and Bible study goes over two hours because we can’t stop chit-chatting with each other. They bring us so much joy, and I just love doing life with this group!

On a not-so bright note, we had major car problems this month. My car began to die on me WHILE I was driving. Luckily, I wasn’t on interstate most of the time when these incidents would occur, but in Atlanta there is traffic everywhere you go. The weirdest part? Let it sit for a few minutes and it would start right back up. Finally took it to PepBoys, and got the battery replaced. Good to go, right? Not so much. Still died on us… and more often. Finally took it to NTB, and found out it was a computer problem. With computer parts + labor + rental car for me to drive while it was being repaired, we had to dish out over $1k dollars. Gotta love it. and by it, I mean our Emergency Fund. These problems took place over about two weeks or so, and I never felt safe in my car. It put some tension between Aaron and I, with safety concerns, financial concerns, wishing we could figure it out, etc. This was a good lesson on conflict resolution – but really, I wish we had had a less stressful and costly situation to learn this lesson.

I also took a new job this month. I love the people at St. James, but the job was moving away from so much design, and more focused on administrative tasks. With that, and absolutely no benefits… it seemed appropriate to start looking for a new job. I interviewed a few places, applied, waited and waited – and finally got a job! That I am under-qualified for, I might add. I lack the experience they were looking for, but God has blessed me with this position and I cannot wait to see how it challenges and grows me in the coming months/years! People have asked if I’m nervous, and oddly… I am not. I start tomorrow, and it hasn’t hit me yet. I don’t really feel anything besides excitement. I finally get to do what I truly love! I miss being around creative types.

Aaron is still looking for a job. We have been praying and looking for a new job for him since September. Such a trying and tiring season – hating (disliking) your job, and searching for a new one. Rejections are emotional and hard to hear, not just for the applicant, but for the spouse, too! We heard a sermon a few weeks ago from Andy Stanley at church, and afterwards I only had one thought. Aaron was supposed to go part-time at work. I told him, he agreed that he felt that way too… but we didn’t act immediately. Our fear of the uncertainty of income stopped us. As a part-time associate, there is no guarantee how many hours you will work a week. Just because your availability is set to 30 hours, doesn’t mean you will get them all. You may only get five. But, for the last six months, we have had about two weekends to ourselves, if that. I told Aaron that I would rather be tighter on budget and have him on the weekends, that have more money and not have as much quality time together. This last week, he told his boss he was going from full-time to part-time. It was a big leap of faith, but we are trusting God in this season of uncertainty. I am hoping for His blessing on putting our marriage before money. This weekend will be his first weekend of being completely off work! Since he turned in his notice, new opportunities have already began to spring up out of nowhere! I cannot even fully articulate my excitement for now having weekends with my husband!

So, we now have a great group of friends, a working car, one new job and hopefully another new job very, very soon! Life is good. God is great.



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