Christmas Day

Our first Christmas is in the books! It was a very different Christmas for me. I’m used to 70 people on one side of the family (no joke) and 13 on the other. But yesterday, it was just Aaron and I. That’s what we wanted. With his crazy work schedule, yesterday was the only guaranteed day we both had off, and we wanted some “us” time. Plus, we had lots of traditions to start…

Aaron had to work Christmas Eve day, so I spent a majority of the day cooking and cleaning. I made a ton of sweets – and in my defense, some were for his work, and some were to take to his mom’s house.  But, we decided that part of our Christmas tradition will be to go look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve… and eat fast food. I guess that is our replacement for hot cocoa.


We only found one really good neighborhood (more like one street), but it was pretty snazzy. Our original plan was to go home and go to bed, but we both wanted to watch The Santa Clause, so we found it on Vudu. Darn Netflix doesn’t have it available for streaming.

I am one of the only grandchildren (if not the only) that knows how to make a special breakfast treat called petal cake. My grandma has made this delicious, homemade coffee cake every holiday for as long as I can remember. Make the dough, let it rise, dip it in cinnamon, sugar and nuts. It’s arranged in coils, like a big cinnamon roll cut into pieces. Our Christmas morning schedule was: open stockings, eat petal cake, open presents. I tried to eat petal cake before stockings, but Aaron wasn’t going to let that happen.

Below is a picture of what a Christmas looks like when you’re away from family.


We got some gifts we’ve really needed… and wanted.


We decided part of our tradition would also be to go see a movie. We have a few theaters around that serve meals too, so of course we splurged a little and went there. We saw “This is 40” – not the greatest movie. It was the type that was okay in theaters, but probably won’t ever rent or buy it.

By the time we got home from the movie, it was about time to start cooking Christmas dinner. We had trouble deciding what to fix, and then had a few troubles cooking everything… but we eventually got it all figured out. We’ll know better for next year!


I am so thankful I was able to celebrate our Savior yesterday with this wonderful man. Blessed and thankful for a man who daily shows me grace, loves me and makes me laugh, and pushes me towards Christ. And… I love that we are starting our traditions :)


We serve a God who is Savior to ALL people – no matter who they are or what they’ve done. If you would like to listen to our church’s Christmas message (it’s short!), go online to, it will be up until Dec. 30.


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