Tis the Season

It’s Christmas time!

This is Aaron and I’s first Christmas together. This is really our third Christmas that we’ve been “together” (as in, dating), but we have never actually spent the holiday physically together. Aaron is a Christmas fanatic, while I just enjoy Christmas at a “normal” level. Haha! I didn’t grow up having Christmas traditions in my family. The only tradition I remember is me dragging out the big crates to decorate… mostly by myself.

We kicked off the Christmas season with what we decided WILL be a Freeman tradition, the Macy’s Great Tree Lighting, as seen in my last post.

Neither of us had many Christmas decorations, but luckily I had a tree! So, off to Dollar Tree we went, and then Wal-Mart. Got a few ornaments to decorate the tree, some stockings, and our first Nativity set! Aaron told me that it’s mandatory to listen to Christmas music while decorating (I’m not a fan of Christmas music). But, instrumental Christmas music is kind of nice, I discovered. When we walked into Wal-Mart, I saw my favorite kind of cookie (the frosted, soft cookies), and said that we needed Christmas cookies to eat while we listened to Christmas music and hung Christmas decorations. Naturally, he obliged. :)


What we forgot, was some sparkling juice. We bought some a few weeks ago, for no real reason. We got some wine glasses as wedding gifts, but neither of us are very big fans of wine… so we fill it with sparkling juice instead. But, since we forgot sparkling juice, we had no other choice but to fill it with… can you guess?

Diet Dr. Pepper, of course.

Eating Christmas cookies and drinking Diet Dr. Pepper out of wine glasses? I think we have established our second Freeman Christmas tradition.


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