This past week, Aaron and I started what we think will become a tradition in the Freeman house.

Macy’s Great Tree Lighting!

We saw the commercials for this event over the last week or so (side note: we have free basic cable thanks to a $30 antenna!) and decided to try and go. We love these “big city events” – especially when they are free! This was not something we wanted to watch on TV like most of Atlanta.

It started at seven on the evening of Thanksgiving; the parking lot and streets filled completely up before the show started. Cheesy commentary aside, the event was pretty fun. Trace Adkins and Chris Mann (from The Voice) performed, along with a choir and some random cheerleaders. Aren’t there cheerleaders at almost any event nowadays?

Two things stuck out to me that night:
A) It was just the “great tree lighting” – no holiday specifically associated with it.
B) They sang Christmas carols/hymns. Sure, there were some Santa and just plain ol’ holiday songs, but the last song was “O Holy Night” – one of the few Christmas songs I actually enjoy.

So, they wouldn’t call it a Christmas Tree Lighting, but will blatantly sing songs about God? Neither offends me, I just think it’s a little ridiculous that now-a-days people are offended by the word Christmas. Chris Mann singing “O Holy Night” gave me goosebumps. I’ve heard the lyrics who knows how many times, and I know the true meaning of Christmas, but there was something else…

As I stood there watching fireworks explode behind a 60-foot Christmas tree, listening to the song, I wondered how many people didn’t know the true reason behind Christmas. Our society has made Christmas such a big deal about presents (that were probably bought during Black Friday), and Christmas lights, parties, etc. Not to say these things are bad, or that we need to keep Santa out of church, but there was something so beautiful about the moment that “Christ is the Lord” rang out over the crowd.


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