Life requires a lot of compromising – specifically two areas: work and marriage.

It’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing to learn. Sometimes you just need to meet someone halfway.


Aaron’s schedule is opposite of mine more than half the time. While I’m getting closer to the end of my work day, he is just starting his shift. Those days, we see each other for only about half an hour – and that is while we are just waking up or already half-asleep.

Due to this (very) frustrating situation, we have started a few habits. On the weekends, I bring him dinner. I usually try to get to his store by five, and wait (ahem, walk around Target) until he gets to take his break. I do this so that we get the full hour to ourselves. We sit in the car and eat the usual turkey sandwiches, unless I actually cook something. One time we drove to the nearest QT to get a donut, last week we went to Target to get some dessert.

In return, on his days off during the week, he comes down to have lunch with me at work. It’s refreshing to actually take a lunch break – usually I am so busy, I just eat at my desk (bad practice, I know).

I can’t usually bring him dinner during the week because I get home as he is going on break, or he takes it early, etc. But, a few times his break has fallen later, and he’ll want something (like tonight – headphones and cold medicine)… so we meet halfway. What’s halfway? RaceTrac. So, we sit in the small parking lot for half an hour until he has to leave again.

We both hate this schedule. We want to be normal. But, we’re making it work. It requires a little extra effort and planning, but it’s so worth it.

I will admit, this is not how I pictured my first few months of marriage. One does not picture marriage as spending half (or most) of her week nights alone. But, I think the extra effort and planning has helped us become more intentional and is somehow shaping a good foundation for us. I may not fully understand it now, but right now I think God is trying to teach us something in the midst of all this.


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