Don’t Forget the Fun

Last week, Aaron and I attended our first MarriedLife event at church. MarriedLife is a ministry at North Point, that is aimed for… married people. (This really wasn’t our first, we went to one this summer before we were married…)

Ted Cunningham, a pastor from Branson, was the speaker for the event. He gave practical marriage advice, while also being quite funny. He said a few great things:

“When we get married, we let curiosity and fascination be replaced by duty and responsibility.”

“Commitment: the choice to give up other choices.” (actually a quote from Scott Stanley)

“Character trumps compatibility.”

One of the things that we wanted to be intentional about when we got married was to keep dating. Not other people, don’t get confused. But, we didn’t want to let life get in the way of us. Just because you get married does not mean that all fun goes out the window. It really just means that you have someone to (almost) always have fun stuff to do with after work.

All that being said – no wonder we were told to be intentional about this goal. Life does get busy, especially with bad work schedules like Aaron’s. But, we go see each other for lunch breaks on our days off. We get pizza at 9 p.m. We have dance parties. We played sheriffs at the jail during Trunkfest at St. James (where I work). Part of why we fell in love with each other is our silliness, and feeling like we could be ourselves around each other.

I think we both needed to hear the message that night, but I really needed the reminder to not be so focused on all things serious – but to have fun, to keep dating him, to laugh more often. Yes, there are things I need to work on as a wife… but sometimes, you just need some more fun with your best friend.


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