September Adventures

September has been a fun, busy month… with lots of changes!

We are both in new jobs – Aaron transferred to a new Publix after the wedding, and I just started a new job in August. The new Publix does things differently than Aaron’s old store, which has made some of the transfer challenging. I have never worked in a church (and have not been in the traditional church atmosphere for a few years), but it has been a great experience so far. Both of us are being challenged/pushed in our jobs, which has been good at times, and not so good other times.

We’re still getting used to each other, adjusting to married life. We haven’t gotten to spend as much time together as we want, due to Aaron’s schedule, but we make it work. He will come have lunch with me on his days off, and I go have dinner with him (in the Publix parking lot, mind you) on the weekends. It seems small, and maybe inconvenient to others, but marriage is about sacrifice – and right now (well, and always) it’s crucial that we are intentional and put in extra effort to be with each other. In other news, I am almost 100% changed over to Freeman, from Shogren! It’s surreal sometimes, especially when someone asks for my last name. The first few weeks, a few people probably thought my last name was Shh-Freeman.

Despite business and opposite schedules, we have started a few traditions – weekly date night, and Saturday morning walk/runs at a nearby park. Like I said, we have to be very intentional with our time, since it’s hit and miss most of the week. Intentionality is good, because I think couples should be that way – but sometimes it honestly would be nice to just come home to Aaron and do whatever (together, or separate), instead of planning my girls nights around his schedule, etc.

We had two “big” adventures this month – a perk of living in the big city.

In January, we went to the Passion conference here in Atlanta. Something I have loved going to for the past few years, but Aaron experienced for the first time – and loved it just as much as I do. Now that we live here, it gives us the opportunity to be more involved in Passion events. Earlier this summer, we (along with hundreds of others) were in a promo video for Passion 2013. This month, we were able to attend the Passion LiveLink. Thousands from across the world (literally) tune in and stream it online, while Atlanta students can actually go to Passion City Church and be there for everything! It’s just a wonderful time of worship (led by Kristian Stanfill) and getting pumped for Passion!

It’s not often that Aaron actually has a Friday night off, so this weekend when he did, we took full advantage! We went to IKEA (favorite!), and toured Atlantic City for the first time. After that, we headed to Midtown to eat dinner at Chow Baby – a build-your-own stir-fry restaurant (nom nom). Still not wanting to go home, we headed to Lenox Square to finally visit Crate&Barrel – which, in my mind, is a scaled-down version of IKEA, but more expensive. We walked through Lenox Mall before heading home for… dessert. We had been wanting ice cream for a few days, so what better night to splurge?

On top of all of what I just talked about, we added something else to our plate – Jess Creatives. Although I started it this time last year, we are in the beginning stages of making it more official. We’re both so excited for what’s to come, and anxious to see what God does! For updates, make sure you’re following on Facebook or Twitter!

Until next time!
– jess


1 thought on “September Adventures

  1. love your blog… make this web design stuff look so easy…grrrr…..i know the truth as we learn. next time you are this way…i.e IKEA…let me know..thats not far from us!

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