Wedding Branding

Six months of planning all for one day… our wedding day was a blur, but it was fantastic. Even though I did the designing of these things, Aaron gave input the entire time. It was OUR day, not my (Jessica) day. Just wanted to share some details on all our designs…  (Just FYI – I ran around and took these pictures the morning of my wedding with a P&S camera, so don’t judge me for the lack of creativity or quality.)

First, the invitations.

These were accompanied by a registry card and an RSVP card. We did our printing through Maybe not my ideal printer in hindsight, but everything printed great. I would have loved letterpress invites or something of that sort. My only regret was the paper quality, the printing was awesome. Insider tip: We saved a ton of time by ordering pre-addressed envelopes. Our big envelopes had our address printed on the back, and the RSVP envelopes had our address printed on the front – which also saved guests having to figure out our address. The envelopes were incredibly inexpensive!

We didn’t want a traditional guest book that would sit on a shelf for the next 50 years.

Instead, we did a calendar and asked guests to sign their name on their birthday. We had it all laid out across a table so more than one person could sign. As you see, the “&” was incorporated into this!

Also on the front table:

(bad picture, I know.)

Next, the programs.

We originally had thought of not even doing these to save money, but we got a good deal on these through Brandon’s Printing here in Georgia. These were printed on #130 lb. Cougar Cover paper. Although the “&” wasn’t emphasized very much on the invitation, it was in this and throughout other decor items at the wedding.

Guest were going to have a little over an hour to wait until we arrived at the reception, and I didn’t want them to sit around bored… so we came up with a few ideas. A slideshow was supposed to play (technical difficulties), there was a photobooth, and then we made Mad-lib cards.

Similar to the sign on the guest book table, I had a sign on the gift table for the Mad-lib cards:

Each place setting also had another small detail. These were incredibly inexpensive and quick to make, and I love them!

I bought brown paper lunch sacks at Dollar Tree, found a stamp at Hobby Lobby and went to town. For 100+ of these, it cost about $10 total. Awesome, right?

These last two I don’t have pictures of yet, but you can see a preview of them on our photographer’s blog.

Cake toppers are ridiculous expensive, for just sitting on a cake for a little while and then never to be used again. I was on a budget and decided instead to DIY it! It took a little more work than I expected, mostly because my craftiness level depends on the day and the mood I’m in that day.

We originally weren’t going to do wedding favors, but then thought our parents would force us to do some (and turns out they wouldn’t have…) BUT, these were one of my favorite details of the wedding. I love love loved our favors! I ordered a bulk supply of CD’s, found some inexpensive chipboard CD sleeves, and ordered a custom stamp from! Luckily, a friend loaned us some CD labels, so that helped cut some more cost! Notice the “&” again? I’m kind of obsessed.
I’m also adding in these two pictures of other decorations just for kicks, for those of you who weren’t there!

My Grandma Tuttle’s old mailbox was used to put cards in… I have been obsessed with this mailbox for a few years now, and I’m so glad I was able to use it. I actually have it here in Georgia now, too… it’s ginormous.

These were our centerpieces at each table! I had a friend who helped me scrounge up jars and keys, as well as some family! I loved how the tables turned out. My mom and I finalized the centerpieces via text message; needless to say, I was a tad bit nervous wondering if I would like them as much in person as I did on the phone. My sweet grandma helped cut all the burlap runners! Loved it.

Putting this all in one list doesn’t seem like a lot now, but it sure seemed like it as I was designing and making it all!
It was worth it though.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Branding

  1. flowerpowermomma

    it was all very sweet. And thoughtful to have munchies and “games” at the table for entertainment. They were also good conversation starters.

  2. Dwaina Six

    you were a BEAUTIFUL bride, Jess!!! Congrats to you both! It looks like a funtabulous day that you’ll remember forever!! Be the President of each other’s Fan Club!!!

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